Can You Be Hypnotized Online
Visualization and Progressive Muscle Relaxation are two common Hypnotic Techniques used by Online Hypnosis audio and Videos.

Hypnosis has become more popular, and people have the desire to experience Hypnotic Trance Online. However, not all people can afford the money to pay a Real Hypnotherapist, so they wonder, “Is it possible to be hypnotized online?” or “Can you be put in a trance State with Online Hypnosis ?”

A hypnotic trance state will help alleviate cortisol as well as suppress the amygdala (fear center). This is great for people who want to positively change their subconscious mind and negative thoughts because when you are under Hypnosis and become in deep relaxation, your subconscious mind becomes more receptive to those affirmations from the Hypnotherapist.


  • Online Hypnosis Sessions can not work if you don’t collaborate with a Hypnotherapist. 
  • The power of the internet and self-hypnosis makes it possible to get hypnotized online. A variety of hypnotists offer this service, but you should research before deciding. The hypnotist will ask you to think about things that relax you, such as the beach or a hot bath. After a few moments, they will send an audio file with directions to help.
  • Hypnosis techniques can work better if the Hypnotherapist analyses your exact problem face-to-face. Online Hypnosis won’t offer specific affirmations and is made for general usage.
  • Hypnosis works better for certain kinds of people, but you are more valuable to Hypnotic Suggestion and suggestibility before sleep. (Theta Brain Waves). If you have experience Meditation, you can put yourself in a faster-altered state of mind.
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Can Anyone Be Hypnotised While Online Videos? 

It depends, and not all people can easily Hypnotise especially Online Videos and Youtube. 

Certain people have resistance to Hypnotic Affirmations and Subliminals. They need more work in order to achieve success in Hypnosis Sessions.

Online videos can not offer specific affirmations for you, and there is no one for analyses for you. If you have serious issues such as Childhood Trauma, Harassment, or other types of serious things, online hypnosis videos might not be as effective as you might think.

Is That Mean They Have No Impact?

As I said, it depends on your current level and problem, as well as the hypnosis session instructor.  

Online Hypnosis is far better to work if you have tension in your body or stress reduction while suggesting Progressive Muscle Relaxation techniques. 

Online Self-Hypnosis videos or Audios work better if they have a mood-boosting effect and motivation, even self-esteem.

However, these are not dynamic but static videos, mostly created for general usage; you might not feel your subconscious problem can easily solve just Hypnosis audio. 

If You Can Trust, It Might Influential

However, if you can trust your Hypnotherapist, and listen without bias in, a concentrated way while motivated to succeed, the online hypnosis session can work great. 

If you can’t trust a Hypnotherapist and you have some Cognitive Distortions about it, it doesn’t matter; you will lose your belief and healing opportunity during a Hypnosis session. For that, try to find a Trustable, Certificated Online Hypnotherapist with whom you can collaborate.

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Does hypnosis work on Zoom?

If you can collaborate, it’s not different from Guided hypnosis Videos; it even might be better because Hypnotherapists can interact with clients online and analyses them to get specific solutions to their problems.

Is Online Hypnosis Safe?

Yes, in most cases, it won’t create any problems for those who want to try online Self-Hypnosis audios and sessions. 

Certain people with high-traumatic experiences might not feel well after a while of listening to the Online Hypnosis session. They might be feeling overwhelmed for them, or they not feel well.

But in most cases, it’s safe for populations. 

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How Can I Get Faster Hypnotic Trance State Online?

Before Hypnosis, reading about the benefits of Hypnosis might be helpful to prepare for Hypnosis sessions, such as for clearing resistance the change. 

Plus, good sleep before Hypnosis because you won’t have any issues sleeping under a hypnotic state. If you have sleepy while in Hypnosis, you won’t get the benefits as much as you think. You take a good quality of sleep before Hypnosis. 

Reducing stress is another factor in Hypnosis effectiveness and better results. If you lower cortisol, you can deep dive into a better Hypnotic Trance State as well as Alpha & Theta Brain Waves. 

An excessive amount of cortisol could reduce the effectiveness of the Hypnotic State; you might feel more alert instead of the Hypnotic Trance State, as well as other issues. 

Make Sure Environment Is Clean, and No Voice

When you want to try Hypnosis, it would be best if you can the quiet environments because the noise makes it hard to put into Hypnotic Trance-Like State.

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To prevent this, using high-quality Headphones can isolate the environmental noise. 

Besides, you can also use some aromatherapy for a better relaxing environment if you have high stress.

Do not use too much Caffeine, and avoid sugary foods before Hypnosis sessions because they can interrupt the Brain in a certain way.

Meditation History Might Be Beneficial

If you have meditation experience, you can do far better being hypnotized. If you have never tried Meditation or relaxation techniques, it might put into more work. 

A hypnosis session can work better if you are consistent; I suggest you at least try even more 21 days of one Hypnosis session. 


You can be Hypnotised by the High-Quality videos, but you need to work on it.

Try limiting caffeine before Hypnosis, avoiding too much noise, and getting high-quality sleep will make Hypnosis videos better.

But the most important one for Online Hypnosis Videos works for collaboration with the Hypnotherapist. You need to trust a Hypnotherapist with your conscious mind to better reprogram your unconscious mind. 

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