Which One Should I Choose CBT, Or Hypnosis
Brain activity and neuropathways can change while the Trance Hypnotic state.

Thank you for the new psychological view happening nowadays, and we are increasing your possibility of healing from Depression, Anxiety, and Traumatic experience. 

Depending on the individual, there are different approaches available to Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and these two methods

 support by science that showed the effective way of combat Anxiety and Depression.

Technology helped us put Hypnosis Audios in our ears and try to hypnosis experience. For that reason, Self-Hypnosis is becoming more popular these days because we understand our subconscious mind better and more effectively through new studies about psychology and neuroscience. 

However, Hypnosis and CBT can be used to fight mental problems and struggles as well as Cognitive Distortions and Traumatic experiences throughout childhood. 

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Which One Should I Choose? Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Or Hypnosis?

This question is tricky because people have different kinds of Pasts, and mental problems occur. Also, we should note that not all people can be Hypnotised, and not all people can benefit from Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

It depends on you, but generally, you can combine two of them, and they work synergistically.

Logic Behind That

  • Hypnosis is more on focusing the subconscious mind through repetitive affirmations and hypnotic techniques coming from a Therapist. On the other hand, CBT focuses more on behavioral and cognitive belief systems and challenges the Negative Bias or Depressed thoughts coming from Cognitive Distortions. 
  • Hypnosis can change your brain waves by slowing them down. Hypnosis can help reach your brain waves, such as Alpha and Theta; at times, your stress hormone called cortisol suddenly drops, and you will feel more relaxed and calm. Regardless, Cognitive Behavior Therapy won’t promote Theta Brain or Deep relaxation, but it supports a different way of calmness and being centered, not making your brain waves change.
  • They are both good at lowering stress and boosting self-esteem; two help with social anxiety and fear. 
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However, Hypnosis isn’t magic, and you can resist it if you don’t want to collaborate with it. The same applies to Cognitive Behavior therapy, which requires two collaborations to work. 

Is hypnosis support cognitive behavioral therapy?

Is hypnosis support cognitive behavioral therapy?
Two support each other by changing underlying beliefs and distortions using techniques and methods. With CBT, you can write down your cognitive bias and distortion with paper and challenge them; in hypnosis, hypnotic suggestion helps you to change your negative attitude and distortions.

Why Should You Choose Cognitive Behavior Therapy?

Because Cognitive Behavior Therapy is highly effective and has fewer side effects compared to drug and other therapies when it comes to Depression, anxiety, and phobias.

Plus, Cognitive Behavior Therapy can change your belief system more calmly and relaxedly. The more you understand Cognitive Bias and distortion, the more you will recognize your Bias about people and yourself.

For that, it’s like a self-development package that supports you the way you are.

Not All People Can Get Benefits From CBT

Yes, it works, but it doesn’t mean all people can get benefits from it. Some people might need more work to handle the problem. Even some people need to optimize their Gut and Brain health through diet changes, taking drugs, and other strategies.

On the other, CBT has a high success ratio and fewer side effects compared to them that make unique properties among people.

Hypnotic State and Hypnosis Is Good For Long-Term

Which One Should I Choose CBT, Or Hypnosis

Compared to the two, we should consider some things, such as Long-term hypnosis effects.

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For example, if you handle your “resistance” to Hypnosis and learn to become a hypnotic state by yourself, you will be your master, your subconscious mind, and your behavior.

Sure, it might need to take longer, even more than one year, to invest yourself in that Hypnosis session, but the way the repetition could give you a tremendous amount of power in your subconscious mind

But you must follow the Hypnosis sessions for at least 21 days to 90 days to see benefits. Yes, it might take lesser than that, but I’ll be honest with you, it might not be easy to reprogram your subconscious mind in just ten days.

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CBT Also Helps To Overcome Your Bias Hypnosis 

CBT can help you beat your Hypnosis Fear and Bias because if you have distortion and negative beliefs about Hypnosis, you can change or challenge those thoughts with CBT.

This will help you to become more valuable in the Hypnosis and Hypnotic techniques, and they get more benefits and healing from Hypnosis.

This will support your change positively; for example, if you want to change your gambling addiction or alcohol addiction, handling “hypnosis” resistance can help you overcome this kind of addiction better.

So, CBT is a great way to boost Hypnosis and allow the Hypnotic suggestions to reach our subconscious mind more powerful.


Two of them are good, and two of them support each other. Hypnosis works more subconscious mind, and CBT works more behavior and cognitive side. 

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation and heightened awareness. The hypnotherapist can use it to help with various issues, including anxiety, depression, weight loss, as well as other types of addiction.

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Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapy that tries to identify inaccurate or negative thinking patterns to change them. This can help with depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

However, two of them target “repetition” and rewiring your brain by changing the negative belief about yourself and others.

Two of them focused on your paradigm shift and helped to look at different views of the problem you are working on.

My thoughts about that CBT also help your philosophical change, and actually, you will be more “logical” and “centered” because you won’t allow yourself to conquer you. 

Combine with a proper diet, omega-3, exercise, and good sleep quality to make a better change in all aspects of your life.

I hope this article helped to understand the difference between CBT and Hypnotherapy. Remember, under Hypnosis, you won’t lose yourself, and you won’t lose your willpower.

This is distortion and fear from the Hypnosis that you will become a “zombie” under Hypnosis. No, you won’t, and CBT can help to overcome this kind of fear, phobias, and distortion by supporting positive change. 

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Don’t Limit Yourself

Lifetime learning and experience the key to understanding what’s is working or not. For that, try two of them and give them a chance. You won’t need to always stick to one of them, but first, you might need to invest more than usual. 

Hypnotic Trance, and reducing consciousness mind as well as a hypnotized good experience and altered state of mind will support the feeling of calm, relaxed, and even ecstatic.  

Using Hypnosis for handling stress and fear Hypnosis Techniques called progressive muscle relaxation would also enhance your body-mind connection, reduce cortisol and improve imagery sensation in your body.

In a trance, you are also aware of your environment, but you are calm state. 

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