How Effective Is Hypnosis For Depression?

Can Hypnosis Work For Depression
Can Hypnosis Work For Depression?

Hypnosis is becoming more popular these days because we understand our subconscious mind better and more effectively through new studies about psychology and neuroscience. 

Depression isn’t just the easy task you imagine because some people believe it happens through Cognitive Distortions and Traumatic experiences throughout childhood. 

Some people believe it’s because of the addictions such as Alcohol, and others. However, the main thing I can say is that the subconscious mind plays a crucial role when it comes to Depression because it directly connects our mind, body, and other aspects.

Hypnosis is a well-known thing that helps to rewire your brain through repetition and affirmations, which makes a positive change in your life and behavior. 

How About Depression? Can Hypnosis Work for Depression?

It is not a cure, but it can be taken with other treatments to help someone manage their symptoms. Hypnotherapy, as it is commonly known, can help with stress and anxiety management.

There is no direct study about it. However, tons of studies show that Hypnosis is good for Anxiety, stress as well as Phobias and these Makemake people vulnerabilities Depression.

Studies have shown that people have a High Amount of Stress hormones called cortisol, which leads to a lowering amount of positive brain chemicals such as Serotonin and reduce the production of new brain cells.

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Hypnosis can help to reduce stress levels by promoting relaxing and calming effects in individuals. For that aspect, Hypnosis might work with people with a high-stress level and prevent people with stress-related Depression issues.

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Hypnosis can help stress management using visualization, progressive muscle relaxation, affirmations, and subliminal techniques. With progressive muscle relaxation, you can scan your body and makes sightings. 

Can Hypnosis Make Me Happy? 

Hypnosis can’t make you happy like magic and won’t make you feel satiety directly like drugs.

However, some people report that after the hypnosis session, they found themselves happier than past, and some people report that they are less angry and calmer when they are under pressure.

No, Hypnosis no directly make you happy, but it makes you calm and reduces stress, promoting positive chemical secretions in your Brain. 

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Can Hypnosis Become Permanent?

Depending on what you are working on, constant repetition can help to override new brain cells, which leads to making change more permanent. 

You need to repeat the hypnosis session until it’s getting your second hand. The more repetition, the more you will see the short and long-term results. 

Also, not all people can go under Hypnosis easily; if so, you might need more sessions.

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Try 21 Days Hypnosis

You can try 21 days self-hypnosis session to make permanent changes through affirmations. 

However, don’t forget that Youtube Hypnosis videos are not as strong as you might think, especially if you do not have previous experience with Hypnosis and meditation. Because if you are a “high anxiety” person, you might find it hard to find yourself in being calm state. 

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But you can collaborate more by reducing subconscious resistance to Hypnosis by reading the benefits and motivating yourself to positive change. 

Yes, self-hypnosis is a good way to start that. It’ll also help to train your nervous system, mind, and body for adaptation to a high level of Clinical Hypnosis and help overcome your resistance to hypnosis belief.

Note: At first, it is possible to experience a little weird sensation and tingling, while in Hypnosis, it’s completely normal. 

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Should I Try Hypnosis For Depression?

Yes, Hypnosis will help depressed people by reducing stress and putting them into Trance Hypnotic State, which helps them feel calm and meditative state.

There is nothing wrong with using Hypnosis for fighting depressed thoughts and beliefs because Hypnosis also makes paradigm changes through the constant repetition of hypnotic affirmations.

If you have any Cognitive Distortion caused by negative thoughts, Hypnosis will reduce and fight to change these underlying beliefs. Especially when you are in a hypnotic state, your Brain mostly has earlier Theta brain waves which makes change more positive, and you can accept the affirmations from the Hypnotherapist. 

I believe Hypnosis and Exercise are the two strong ways to overcome Depression as well as anxiety. 

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Does Self-Hypnosis Works For Depression?

Certified Hypnotherapists can analyze you through questions, and other techniques, which makes more targeted ways to overcome your problems.

On the other hand, self-hypnosis is only guided by audio, so there is not any possibility to analyze you and your issues, such as Fear of Flying and Gambling addictions. 

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But self-hypnosis still works if you constantly put yourself into a hypnotic state, but it might need to take a little longer than Clinical Hypnosis.

However, self-hypnosis also has advantages such as low cost, and you can do it anywhere without worrying.

I suggest starting with a short Hypnosis session first because more than 30 minutes of hypnosis sessions might be hard to follow, and you might lose your focus, leading you to resist more and more.

Start with small steps, and constantly build on yourself. 

In contrast, hypnotherapy is when a therapist uses verbal suggestions to put you into an altered state of consciousness so they can work on your problem areas, such us Depressive Thoughts and Negative Beliefs.

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