Being possessed in a dream can be freaky but often has deep meaning to our subconscious. Here’s the symbolism and potential interpretations of possession in dreams:


  1. Loss of Control: Being possessed in a dream means loss of control over some part of your life, feeling powerless or overwhelmed by external forces.
  2. Inner Conflicts: Such dreams can represent inner conflicts, unresolved issues or repressed emotions looking to get out.
  3. Spiritual and Psychological: Possession in dreams can be both spiritual and psychological, means you need to look within and self examine.
  4. Cultural and Religious: Interpretation of possession dreams can vary greatly across cultures and religious beliefs, adding more meaning based on your background.

Loss of Control Symbolism

Being possessed in dreams means you’ve lost control in waking life. This can be feeling powerless in certain situations, overwhelmed by responsibilities or influenced by external forces beyond your control. The dream is showing how this helplessness is affecting your subconscious.

Example: If you’re feeling stressed at work or in relationships, the dream is pointing out you can’t manage those stresses. It’s a wake up call to acknowledge those and find ways to get control and balance back in your life.

Inner Conflicts

Possession dreams often represent inner conflicts or unresolved issues. The entity taking over your body in the dream can be aspects of yourself or past experiences you haven’t fully acknowledged or accepted.

Example: If you’ve been suppressing anger or guilt, the dream might be a manifestation of those emotions trying to surface, telling you to confront and process them.

Spiritual and Psychological Meaning

From a spiritual perspective being possessed in a dream can mean a struggle between different parts of yourself or a spiritual awakening. It may mean you need to pay attention to your spiritual self and seek guidance or support.

Psychologically these dreams mean self examination. They’re telling you to look within and understand the root of your fears and anxieties and personal growth and healing.

Cultural and Religious Context

The meaning of possession in dreams can vary greatly depending on cultural and religious context. In some cultures dreams are seen as warnings or messages from spirits and in others as mental or emotional distress.

Example: In Christian beliefs being possessed in a dream could mean spiritual battle and the dreamer needs to strengthen their faith and seek protection. In Eastern philosophies it’s seen as inner dis-harmony and needs meditation and balance.

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Common Scenarios and Their Meanings

Fighting the Possession

Scenario: You are fighting the entity.

Meaning: This means you are strong and determined to overcome.

Watching the Possession

Scenario: You are watching yourself being possessed and feel disconnected.

Meaning: This means you are disconnected from yourself. You need to get to know yourself better.

Possessing Others

Scenario: You see yourself possessing another person.

Meaning: This means you feel dominant or in control of others in your waking life. It might also mean you want to influence or change someone else’s behavior or decisions.

How to Deal with Possession Dreams

  1. Reflect on Your Emotions: Take time to understand the emotions and situations in your waking life that are causing these dreams.
  2. Find Balance: Do activities that bring you mental and emotional balance, like meditation, exercise or hobbies.
  3. Talk to a Professional: If these dreams are bothering you, talk to a therapist or counselor.
  4. Spiritual Practices: If you see the dream spiritually, do practices that strengthen your spiritual well-being, like prayer, meditation or join religious or spiritual communities.

What Does it Mean to be Possessed in a Dream

Cultural and Spiritual Meanings of Possession Dreams

Dreams of being possessed can mean different things depending on the cultural and spiritual context. These dreams often reflect deeper psychological and spiritual issues, our inner struggles and fears. By looking at different cultural meanings we can get a better understanding of these creepy dreams.

Western Psychological Meaning

In Western psychology dreams of being possessed are seen through the lens of subconscious conflict. They can mean repressed emotions or unresolved trauma surfacing in the dream state. Psychologists like Carl Jung have said that such dreams may be the shadow self – the part of our psyche that holds the undesirable traits and emotions we deny or ignore. The act of being possessed in a dream could be the repressed parts of us seeking recognition and integration.

Example Story: A woman dreams of being possessed by a dark entity that makes her do things she abhors. Upon reflection she realises the entity represents her suppressed anger and frustration from an unresolved conflict at work. By addressing these feelings directly she finds a way to assert herself more in her waking life and the dreams become less intense.

Eastern Spiritual Meaning

In many Eastern spiritual traditions possession dreams are seen as spiritual imbalance or being disconnected from the self. In Hinduism and Buddhism dreams of being possessed might mean negative energies or a disturbed aura. These traditions emphasize the importance of spiritual cleansing and realignment through practices like meditation, yoga and rituals to bring back harmony and balance.

Example Story: A man dreams of a malevolent spirit taking over his body, making him feel helpless and scared. In his waking life he seeks guidance from a spiritual teacher who tells him to practice daily meditation and do specific cleansing rituals. Over time these practices help him to feel peaceful and in control and the possession dreams become less frequent and less intense.

African Cultural Meaning

In many African cultures dreams of being possessed are seen as ancestral communication. The belief is that ancestors can use dreams to deliver messages, warnings or guidance. In this context a possession dream may mean the dreamer needs to pay attention to their heritage and the wisdom of their forebears. It can also mean the dreamer has a role to play in continuing the traditions and values of their lineage.

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Example Story: A young woman dreams of being possessed by an ancestor who tells her to follow a certain path in life. She’s confused so she goes to an elder in her community who interprets the dream as a call to her cultural heritage. She starts to learn more about her ancestors and their traditions and it brings her sense of purpose and clarity.

Myths and Legends

Throughout history various myths and legends have surrounded the idea of possession in dreams. In some traditions possession is seen as divine intervention or a test of faith. For example in some Christian stories being possessed in a dream is seen as a trial from God testing your faith and endurance.

Example Myth: In medieval European folklore there is a story of a knight who dreams of being possessed by a demon. The demon tries to lead him astray but through prayer and faith the knight overcomes the possession. When he wakes up he finds his faith has been strengthened and he is more determined to live a good life.

Why Am I Having Dreams of Being Possessed?

Dreams of being possessed can be scary and confusing and leave you feeling unsettled. From a spiritual perspective these dreams may be a deep inner struggle for control and balance within yourself. They often mean there are forces, internal or external, influencing your thoughts, emotions or actions.

Spiritual Meaning

From a spiritual point of view dreams of possession may mean a conflict between different parts of your psyche or soul. This could be between your higher self and lower self or between your conscious desires and subconscious fears. It means you may be out of balance and need to get back into harmony within yourself.

In many spiritual traditions these dreams are seen as a call to look at your life and spiritual practices closely. They may mean you need to cleanse your spirit, get rid of negative energies or get back on your spiritual path. Practices such as meditation, prayer or seeking guidance from a spiritual mentor can help you understand and resolve these internal conflicts.

Personal Experience

On a personal level these dreams can come from feelings of helplessness, vulnerability or lack of control in your waking life. For example if you’re going through a period of high stress, trauma or emotional turmoil your subconscious may manifest these anxieties through dreams of possession. These dreams can be a symbol of your struggle to stay autonomous and intact amidst external pressures.

For example I had recurring dreams of being possessed during a tough time in my life. I was overwhelmed with work and personal responsibilities and the constant pressure was making me feel like I was losing control of my life. Through introspection and spiritual practices like meditation and journaling I realized these dreams were a reflection of my inner turmoil and the need to get back to myself.

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By facing these feelings head on, seeking support from friends and mentors and dedicating time to self care and spiritual growth I was able to overcome the nightmares. The dreams stopped when I got back into balance and control in my life and I learned to not neglect both spiritual and personal well being.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dreams of Being Possessed

When it comes to dreams about being possessed people have a lot of questions about what it means and how to interpret them. Here are some of the most asked questions answered in a simple and straight forward way.

Why Do I Keep Dreaming About Being Possessed?

Dreaming of being possessed can be scary and is often related to deeper psychological or spiritual issues. These dreams may mean you feel like you’re losing control or being influenced by external forces in your waking life. They can also mean internal conflicts or repressed emotions trying to surface. To understand these dreams you need to self reflect and look into any unresolved feelings or situations that may be affecting your subconscious mind.

Can Dreams of Possession Mean Spiritual Awakening?

Yes, in some spiritual traditions dreams of being possessed can mean spiritual awakening or transformation. These dreams may mean you’re undergoing internal changes or you need to confront and integrate parts of yourself you’ve been avoiding. Embracing these dreams as opportunities for growth will help you navigate your spiritual journey better.

Are Possession Dreams Always Bad?

Not necessarily. While possession dreams can be scary they don’t always mean something negative. In some cultures these dreams are seen as messages from ancestors or spiritual guides, offering guidance or warnings. The key is to pay attention to the context of the dream and how you felt during it. Reflecting on those will help you uncover positive messages or insights the dream may be trying to tell you.

What If I Keep Having Possession Dreams?

If you have possession dreams recurring, try keeping a dream journal and note any patterns or themes. Seeking guidance from a therapist, spiritual advisor or a dream interpreter can also help. Meditation, prayer or mindfulness can help you address any underlying issues and balance your inner world.

How Do Other Cultures Interpret Possession Dreams?

Possession dreams are interpreted differently across cultures. In Western psychology they mean subconscious conflicts or repressed emotions. In Eastern spiritual traditions they mean spiritual cleansing or alignment. In African cultures they are ancestral messages, in Native American cultures they are visions offering guidance. Knowing these cultural perspectives will help you understand your dreams better.


Dreams of being possessed are multi layered and complex reflecting deep seated fears, unresolved emotions and spiritual imbalances. By looking at these dreams through different cultural and spiritual eyes we can get a broader understanding of what they mean and what they are telling us. Whether seen as a call to introspect, a need for spiritual cleaning or a message from the ancestors these dreams are a window into our subconscious and spiritual lives. By embracing these interpretations we can grow, heal and get to know ourselves better.

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