If you ask yourself: “Can I stop drinking alcohol with the help of hypnosis?” you are on the right topic. Understanding “why are drinking alcohol and the effects of our health” is an important question before we dive into it.

Many of your actions, including your drinking, are influenced by factors such as your culture, religion, family, and employment. The most significant factor in whether or not an individual will develop alcoholism is their family history. Young children who see their parents drinking are more likely to develop risky drinking habits. The same applies to smoking.

Will hypnosis help me stop drinking?

Chronic alcohol drinking might create problems with digestion, the liver, the heart, and the intestines. And reduced resistance to disease due to a weakened immune system—damage to learning and memory, such as dementia and underachievement in school.

Alcohol also affects the brain’s communication channels and structure, and function. Alcohol impairs balance, memory, speech, and decision, increasing the risk of accidents and other problems.

In this article, we will try to answer “Can I quit drinking with the help of hypnosis?” and the benefits of hypnosis when it comes to alcohol or other addictions. 

What is An Addiction, And Why Do People Crave Alcohol?

Alcohol stimulates the release of feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine in the brain. Our minds and memories will continue linking drinking with this rush of pleasure long after our last drink.

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However, Alcohol effects influence the central nervous system. This indicates that it reduces the efficiency of the body’s processes. To a considerable extent, alcoholism results from the interplay between alcohol and the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). 

Yet, if there is a steady supply of alcohol, the brain receptors adjust by suppressing GABA receptors. Also, eventually, the brain stops responding positively to the dopamine that alcohol provides. It might cause alcohol withdrawal or cravings.

Can Hypnosis Help Me Stop Drinking Alcohol ?

The easiest method to stop drinking is to drink less often over time. If you consume three bottles of champagne daily, consider reducing your intake to four glasses for a few days and then three.

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy: From the perspective of CBT, addiction originates from cognitive distortions that produce negative emotions. CBT often manages depression, anxiety disorders, phobias, and other mental diseases, but it has also been demonstrated to be effective in treating alcoholism and drug addiction. Particularly so when included within a larger restoration plan.
  • Hypnosis: Not directly but indirectly, hypnosis improves self-esteem, leading to better handling of alcohol cravings or other cravings. Also, hypnosis improves motivation. You might find yourself “wanting” to quit alcohol. Most people don’t actually “want” to quit their addiction. So, hypnosis will help change your paradigm about alcohol and addiction.
  • Exercise and BDNF: Habits are produced by signals such as a certain activity such as exercise. Like alcohol addiction, negative and positive habits in a feel-good reward that, with Repetition, cements the link between cue and reward in the brain. Benefits of exercise include enhanced memory, learning, and problem-solving abilities, as well as a more stable emotional state, leading to better handling of alcohol addiction and an overall depressive state. 
  • Supplements and Vitamins: According to Henninger, niacin (vitamin B-3) and pantothenic acid (vitamin B-5) may also assist the body detox from alcohol. A B-complex vitamin is a simple method to receive all B vitamins. Yet, amino acids such as L-glutamine in animal and human studies show that this amino acid helps lower both cravings and the anxiety that comes with alcohol withdrawal.
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For alcohol cravings, you can use meditation and hypnosis to help us not to respond to negative feelings and alcohol cravings.

And also, hypnosis reprograms self-sabotaging habits such as drinking and ideas or belief that keep you from reaching your goals.

More study is needed to determine whether or if a combination of hypnotherapy and other types of psychotherapy is effective for people with alcoholism, commonly known as an alcohol addiction.

Want To Increase Your Self-hypnosis And Trance state?

Hypnosis works quicker and better with a hypnotherapist.

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  • Self-hypnosis works if you can relax and meditate. Greater relaxed mastery, more trance state. Progressive muscular relaxation, self-hypnosis, and pleasant hypnotic suggestions may help Repetition retrains the subconscious. Repeating habits, behavior, affirmations, or subliminal in a hypnotic trance state may influence your unconscious mind.
  • Before sleep, suggestibility and hypnosis increase, and Theta waves improve suggestibility. Also, you may remember hypnosis.
  • Meditation and breathing practices help you relax, be quiet, and be receptive to suggestions.

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Is it possible for someone to act foolishly when under the influence of hypnosis?

Hypnosis has a number of misconceptions and false ideas about hypnosis

A hypnotherapist can’t coerce a client into doing anything against their free will; this practice would be considered manipulation or brainwashing.

However, volunteers from the audience are considered “voluntary participants” since they are aware of the nature of performances of this kind and are conscious that they will be amusing the audience by performing comedic things. It is common practice for stage hypnotists to ask for volunteers from the crowd to participate in the show.

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The Advantages and disadvantages of Using Hypnosis to Treat Alcoholism

Hypnosis helps people relax and concentrate on themselves. This mood made you more receptive to suggestions and concentrated. When someone is calm, their subconscious mind opens out to them.

This will helps you get more “positive change” because the hypnotic affirmations could help rewire your brain. 

Your things hypnotize not everyone. Some population has resistance to hypnosis. 

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Also, hypnosis for alcohol addiction isn’t studied or understood as much as other treatments—modern therapy results from years of tweaking and hundreds of peer reviews. But hypnosis may be just as good as other ways to stop drinking over time.

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