Mindfulness practices, awareness meditation, and breathing meditations are good for connecting the subconscious mind.

Many people believe that the best way to get clear answers from your subconscious mind is by meditating and practicing self-inquiry. These activities allow you to be in touch with your intuition and create a space for new ideas to flow into your conscious mind.

When it comes to the subconscious mind, people get confused. 

People don’t know the power of the subconscious mind; even if they think they know, they don’t know how big the potential.

Eye Closed: Good Sleep Will Help

Before we sleep, we connect to our subconscious mind through Theta and delta brain waves. 

How much sleep and how deep is essential because of subconscious connection through brain waves. 

  • Theta brain waves: Mostly before sleep, day-dream state, you connect your subconscious mind. It will also help you get to relax and have vivid dreams. 
  • Delta brain waves: Slowest brain waves connected to a most profound calm state source. The state also releases growth hormones stimulating weight loss and rejuvenation. This is also called “non-rem sleep.”

The brain waves mainly depend on other things. However, there is some meditation music, such as binaural beats could help you change brain waves and relieve stress. 

When it comes to the subconscious mind, sleep is also essential. 

National sleep foundation recommends that people avoid blue light before sleep. Why it’s important?

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 Because blue-light blocks melatonin production, which leads to lower sleep quality and brain waves cycle, as we talked!

Deep sleep is crucial for answers from your subconscious because of brain waves.

What Can We Do To Our Subconscious Mind?

Can we get answers from a subconscious mind?

The subconscious mind is programmed through repetition and hypnosis. However, in the spiritual world, people often refer to that subconscious as it can answer all of your questions.

When we think of our subconscious mind, we often think of the time it takes to fall asleep. However, most people don’t realize that the subconscious is active during our waking hours. It is responsible for storing memories, analyzing and solving problems, and much more.

Is that possible? Can Subconscious Mind Helps, Answer, and Guide Us?

Suppose we look at the history from Socrates to Einstein and Tesla, yes. It is possible. 

There are various ways to help your subconscious mind work for you. Here are some tips:

  • The subconscious mind is programmed through repetition.
  • Before sleep, your subconscious mind has more helpful questions and connections because of lower brain waves. 
  • Hypnosis can help us to reach the subconscious mind using hypnotic techniques.
  • Taoists, Buddhists, and other philosophical systems believe that the subconscious mind can answer all questions while you meditate. 
  • Deep relaxation and lower your prefrontal cortex is the first skill we should regularly do for us through mindfulness meditation, hypnosis, or relaxation breathing techniques. 

What do We need to get An answer From The Subconscious Mind? Can Mindfulness of breathing or Meditated state?

The first thing we should be calm, relaxed, and peaceful as much as possible

You can use mindfulness, breathing, and other techniques that lower your cortisol level.

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When we learn how to become calm, we tend to change our brain waves and body chemicals that lead to tap into universal intelligence.

Connect your Gut, Be Mindful, And Learn to Meditate

Kundalini Meditation For Addiction

Your gut is directly related to your mind. There are trillions of cells available in your gut, and they are called the “second brain.”

In Taoism, the gut is an important place for long-term calming effects. Even spiritual and meditative rituals “smile into the gut” will increase well-being. 

  • Connecting your gut will help more focus on your universal intelligence and intuition. 
  • Some people refer to intuition as our subconscious brain. So, connecting your gut feeling is a great way to increase your knowledge and get answers from your subconscious mind. 

Daily-life: Write it a Journey

The journey is a self-help technique that connects your intuition and subconscious through words.

 The rational and subconscious mind will work together while writing your emotions in a journal.

By practicing journal, you will know what kind of problem you have, what you want, what you are compassionate about, what are you felt about, and go on.

  • Writing is a perfect thing that helps you mentally.
  • When you write down your questions, you will use your brain better works to solve and see the problems. 
  • Conscious and unconscious minds work together, you will discover limited thoughts through writing, and you can rewire that thought into new-thoughts
  • Cognitive-behavioral psychologists use these techniques to identify cognitive distortions, which helps overcome the problem. 

Letting Go, Relaxation, and Calmness

When you have a high-stress level, your body secretes cortisol’s stress hormone.

High cortisol levels in the blood lower your decision-making skills, leading to undesired outcomes. 

When relaxed, you can connect your subconscious brain and solve problems better. 

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However, you can learn relaxation while some of the techniques we mentioned, such as:

  • Regularly mediation: Mindfulness meditation will help you relax and calm your state. For example, body scan meditation will reduce stress and help you let go of the problems. Learning how to meditate and practicing mindfulness is an excellent way. 
  • Hypnosis: Hypnosis will help you get calmer and reach your subconscious mind. 
  • Spend time with nature: Nature has positive effects on people to calm down, give you energy, and more. The more time you spend with the sun, you will change your body’s circadian rhythm.

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Meditation also will help handle negative thoughts and increase positive thoughts. Change your life isn’t easy, but we have the power of the mind for this. Also, some people have limiting thoughts which affect achieving their goals. 

You can try daily affirmations before falling back asleep, and also, this self-affirmation will affect the human mind. Laws of attraction through dreaming and affirmation will help your subconscious level and problem-solving skills. 


The present moment is only the moment we are in. When we are in the deep of the present moment, stillness occurs, and this might lead to inner peace. 

Mind and body will be one. 


If you have questions and there is no other possibility to solve them, you can ask yourself. 

Your conscious and subconscious brain will try to find a solution to that problem. The answer might come from other people, things, or experiences. You can’t know.

Also, you can’t know if you have solved the problem or not. It depends on the question, your energy level, IQ, EQ, SQ, or everyday life experience level. 

Some mindful meditation techniques with visualization will help “hear” the voice coming from the subconscious.

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