Can Scammers Hypnotize People Through Phones?

Do you think scammers use hypnotizing techniques? Do you think scammers can use hypnotic induction to make you trance-like?

Yes, the­ internet simplifies our live­s. But, it also paves the way for the wicke­d. Tricksters can concoct fresh plots to snatch our cash or data. Blocking them isn’t a walk in the­ park. Yet, staying on guard is vital. Why? Because the­se fraudsters exce­l at scoring their goal.

The questions arise:

  • Can scammers hypnotize people through phones?
  • If so, how can a scammer hypnotize people on the phone?

We’re­ going to tackle the questions pre­sented in this passage. Prior, it’s e­ssential to understand the te­rm “hypnotized.” Hypnotism involves guiding a person into a daze­-like condition, which increases the­ir readiness to suggestions. It has use­s in medical or therapeutic fie­lds or leading someone to act outside­ their normal behavior.

Psychotherapy (Freud) often uses clinical hypnosis to alter brain waves, thoughts, and beliefs and promote deep relaxation to help people. Hypnotic language sometimes can be different from everyday language, and many Stanford University have researched it. 

How Do Scammers Use Hypnosis or Mind Control Techniques Over the Phone to Manipulate Victims Into Giving Away Their Personal Information or Money?

Scammers may use hypnosis(but not direct hypnosis) or mind control techniques over the phone in an attempt to manipulate victims into giving away their personal information or money. These techniques can include using persuasive language, creating a sense of urgency, and playing on the victim’s emotions.

Let’s check some of the examples of how scammers try to manipulate you via phones.

Scammers TechniquesVictims Reaction
Using persuasive language, such as “urgent matter” or “time-sensitive issue.”(make you panic)Creating a sense of fear or panic that compels the victim to act quickly
Playing on the victim’s emotions, using soothing or calm languagePutting the victim in a more suggestible state, making them more likely to comply with the scammer’s requests
Pretending to be a trustworthy source, such as a bank representativeAsking for personal details and money
Social engineering tacticsGiving out personal information or money

For example, scammers may use phrases such as “urgent matter” or “time-sensitive issue” in order to create a sense of fear or panic that compels the victim to act quickly. They may also use soothing or calm language to put the victim in a more suggestible state, making them more likely to comply with the scammer’s requests.

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Scammers may also use social engineering tactics, pretending to be a trustworthy source such as a bank representative(or company), and ask for personal details and money.

It is important to be aware of these tactics and not let scammers manipulate you easily. Always make sure and verify the identity of the person who is contacting you and never give out your personal information or money over the phone unless you are certain that the person is who they say they are and that the request is legitimate.

Scammers play an your emotions: soothing or calm language, pretending to be a trustworthy source such as a bank representative

You are awake Stage Hypnosis But Less Active.

Hypnotized people are not sleeping. Hypnotized people are awake and aware of their surroundings, even in a deep trance-like state. (yes, it mostly depends on a person’s reaction to hypnosis, but it’s not as you think.)

Hypnosis TruthsMisconceptions
People are fully aware and in control during hypnosisPeople think they’re not awake
Hypnosis can’t make someone do something against their willHypnosis can force someone to do something against their will
Hypnosis can be used for therapeutic purposesHypnosis only used for entertainment
Hypnosis can help people quit smoking, lose weight and overcome phobiasHypnosis doesn’t have any real benefits

In this state, they are more open to suggestions and will likely follow the hypnotist’s directions.


Hypnosis Sessions, Hypnosis, and Trance state, worth it?

Hypnotherapists use hypnosis to quit smoking, lower anxious thoughts, fight irritability, relieve stress, and improve self-esteem.

There is still a lot of debate over whether hypnosis works or not. Some people swear by it, while others think it’s nothing more than a placebo effect. The truth is, hypnosis probably does work – but it depends on how you define ‘working.’

If you believe that hypnosis can help you lose weight, stop smoking, or overcome any other personal challenge, it’s likely to work for you. 

However, if you view hypnosis as a form of magic that will instantly solve all your problems, you’re likely to be disappointed.

You can use the hypnosis for deep sleep, reduce stress, and fear of flying, overcome unwanted addictions, and improve self-confidence.

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Hypnosis isn’t magic. But hypnosis an altered state of consciousness changes the areas of the brain. (source)

You can change your subconscious mind through repetition, so anything hypnosis, meditation, and other types of things you need for consistency and repetition till positive change happens.

  • People use hypnosis for lower brain activity and relaxation purposes. Also hypnosis also helps fight bad habits, pain control, insomnia, phobias, and other medical conditions. 
  • In a hypnotic trance, you become close to an unconscious state (not sleep), and you become more suggestible to hypnotic suggestions, thoughts, ideas, affirmations, and Subliminals. 
  • The power of suggestion mostly depends on what kind of belief you have and your conscious mind. The more you have resistance, and the less hypnotize works. 
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Hypnosis seems easy, but as you can see, you need to become in a relaxed and calm state for better work and become receptive to affirmations. 

The hypnotherapist use relaxation techniques and hypnosis techniques to become a hypnotist state.

Do scammers makes you calm and use relaxation techniques towards you?

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 Self-hypnosis session can be great for reprogramın, cheaper and easy to follow conversational hypnosis. Neuroscience discovered when you are in a calm and relaxed state; your brain waves can change daydreaming states and bring about open suggestions mentally.

Can Scammers Use Hypnotic Language to Steal Money Over the Phone?

It is not possible for scammers to use hypnotic language to steal money over the phone. Hypnosis is a much different method requiring the person’s participation and cooperation.

Scammers may use various tactics such as persuasion, manipulation, and social engineering to convince people to give them money or personal information, but they do not have the ability to hypnotize someone over the phone.

In other words, scammers may use persuasive language, but it’s not the same as hypnosis; it’s more to make people panic or rush into decisions.
As we talked about, scammers may use certain words or phrases that create a sense of urgency, but that does not mean they hypnotize the person. They could be using psychological tricks and tactics to gain trust and personal information from unsuspecting individuals.

So, How Can The Scammer Suggest? Can Scammers Hypnotize You On Through The Phone?

Mostly, the scammer does not know hypnotic techniques and other things such as progressive relaxation and affirmations. 

However, scammers mostly do not hypnotize; they use manipulation techniques and rechange the truth you believe via using some of the counterargument strategies. They try to change your perspective, using some of emotional strategies to make them believe. 

If you wonder if you can resist hypnosis or hypnotic suggestion, here you can check

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The more you are in a hypnotic state or a trance, the more suggestibility increase toward affirmations.

Are There Any Red Flags To Look Out For When Receiving A Call From A Potential Scammer Using Hypnosis?

Yes, there are red flags to look out for when receiving a call from a potential scammer using hypnosis tactics. Here are a few examples:

  • The caller talks about money or requests personal financial information
  • They create a sense of urgency or panic (actually, this makes you feel stress and activate the fear center amygdala), making you feel that their solution is the only one available.
  • They try to circumvent your questions or concerns and push you to make a decision or to give them personal information
  • They use persuasive language to create a sense of trust
  • They ask for personal identification numbers (PINs), passwords, or other sensitive information
  • They may impersonate a government agency, a bank, or any other trusted organization
  • They will not provide a callback number or any means of verifying the call.
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We’re emotional – Scammers Use People That Through Phones

Clinical hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy solve emotional problems, help the mind control, and balance the body.

Humans are emotional creatures, so scammers use emotional manipulation strategies; even if you can feel them, they are you, friends.

They master it while reputation, and as we know that our unconscious mind holds on to too many emotions and memory. Scammers use manipulation techniques to target your emotions, especially people who are elderly.

Also, some people can have more magnetism than others. It’s also happened to scammers. To protect yourself, you should be skeptical, learn, research, and read philosophy! (because it’s the best way to become skeptical of the things people ask, says, or think about what’s behind them)

The more you are using the prefrontal cortex (which helps analytics thoughts and decision making), the better you can be aware of scammers.

Scammers tend to speak they have “self-confident”, and courage ways to impress you.

How Can I Protect Myself From Phone Scammers Using Hypnosis Tactics?

Tips and MethodsExplanation
Ask for verificationAlways verify the caller’s identity by asking for a name, title, and contact information. Also, research the number or company the call is coming from.
Ask more questionsDon’t be afraid to ask more questions and gather more information about the caller’s identity, company, or request.
Be skepticalIf the caller fails to provide satisfactory answers or if something seems off, be skeptical and don’t proceed with the call.
Not HurryDon’t act in haste or panic; take your time to evaluate the situation before proceeding.
How Can I Protect Myself From Phone Scammers Using Hypnosis Tactics?

Remember, phone scammers can use various tactics such as persuasion, manipulation, and social engineering to convince people to give them money or personal information, but they do not have the ability to hypnotize someone over the phone.

Be cautious and vigilant when giving out personal information or money over the phone, and always verify the caller’s identity before proceeding.

The Ways You Should Know About Scammers, Susceptible To Hypnosis

Scammers do not hypnotize you; they are mostly manipulation strategies. However, some people tend to believe people, things, and affirmations. These are actually not bad, but too much trust or not logical thinking can harm people’s life. Some people want to advantage of it.

  • You can easily resist, do not believe scammers because you have a filter in your brain. The more you read, question, and curiously you have, the better your brain filters. 
  • Increasing the knowledge about scammer manipulation techniques is a good way to overcome them. 
  • We’re emotional creatures, so scammers target your emotions. However, some people tend to be less skeptical of others; if you are like this, avoid it as much as possible. Scammers target mostly old people because of their innocent side. 
  • Hypnotizing someone is not easy as you think, but manipulation is far easier. It needs hypnosis training, knowledge, and other techniques. Under hypnosis, you are open and suggestible to the subliminal messages. The messages also can bypass your conscious brain, but it doesn’t mean you can do everything. 
  • The subliminal messages need to be repeated too much. It needs time, affords and also not always we can says it will works %100. 

Scammers target their victims, mostly older and valuable people, to manipulate easily. Most scammers introduce themself as “helping people.” 

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As we talked about, scammers may use “persuasive language” over the phone, but it is not the same as hypnosis as we can say.

The main idea is that scammers can use words or phrases to create a sense of urgency to convince people to give money or personal information, but it does not mean they are hypnotizing them.

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