Welcome to our AUM meditation article. AUM meditation is a spiritual practice and AUM mantra, which is said to connect the individual with cosmic energy and bring healing and inner serenity.

Besides, the 432 Hz frequency, which is thought to be in tune with the inherent frequency of the cosmos, is one feature of AUM meditation that has gained popularity in recent years.

This frequency is supposed to provide the individual with a sense of balance and harmony, allowing them to focus and connect with their inner self.

Let’s deep into what is te “aum” meditation can how it can help.

What is Mean of “aum” meditation?

A U M Meditation

In Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, the syllable “Aum” is considered sacred. It is thought to be the sound of the cosmos and is frequently used as a mantra during meditation. It is believed that repeating “aum” brings about a sense of tranquility and connection with the divine.

“Aum” is frequently utilized in the context of sound therapy to help match the frequency and vibration of the body with the natural rhythms of the cosmos. This can assist to create a sense of balance and harmony in the body and mind, as well as a greater connection with the present moment.

Some folks think that chanting “aum” has a profound therapeutic effect on the body, helping to relieve stress.

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What is the Difference Between Om and Aum?

Both Om and Aum are sacred syllables that are frequently usedin meditation, yoga, and other spiritual disciplines. They are thought to represent the sound of the cosmos and are frequently employed as a mantra to help match the body’s frequency and vibration with the natural rhythms of the universe.

The actual meaning and importance of Om and Aum are debated, and different traditions and schools may employ these phrases in somewhat different ways. However, there are a few major differences that practitioners of various traditions agree on.

The way Om and Aum are spoken is one of the most noticeable variances. Om is often spoken as a single word with a deep, resonating tone.

What Happens When You Say Aum?

The practice of saying “AUM” is common in many spiritual traditions, including Taoism. It is thought that saying “AUM” creates a vibration that resonates with the frequency of the cosmos, resulting in a sense of connectedness and calm.

Some individuals think that uttering “AUM” during qigong or other meditation techniques may have a sound therapeutic impact on the body and mind, especially when focused on the “hara,” or lower belly. Saying “AUM” is supposed to help calm the mind and connect with the subconscious, resulting in a sense of inner serenity and clarity.

What is the Frequency of Aum?

The frequency of “AUM” is widely thought to be about 432 Hz, which is considered a therapeutic frequency in the area of sound therapy. Some individuals think that uttering “AUM” at this frequency aligns with the natural vibration of the cosmos and can induce emotions of relaxation, connection, and inner serenity.

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It is sometimes encouraged in qigong and other meditation techniques to focus on the “hara” or lower belly while pronouncing “AUM” to maximize the sound healing benefits.

The vibration formed by pronouncing “AUM” at this frequency is supposed to have a good affect on the mind and body, helping to calm the mind and connect with the subconscious.

Is Aum The Sound Of The God?

AUM is linked with the highest god, Brahman, within Hinduism, and is said to reflect the ultimate reality of the cosmos. The repeating of the “AUM” mantra is said to connect the individual with cosmic energy, also known as “prana” or chi(qi), and promote healing and inner peace through AUM meditation.

What is Significant About 432 Hz?

Some people also believe that 432 Hz has a spiritual significance and can help to connect individuals with a higher power or universal consciousness.

Some proponents of this theory argue that many ancient musical instruments and sacred texts were tuned to this frequency, and that it was only in the 20th century that the standard tuning frequency was changed to 440 Hz.

Can we chant AUM in mind?

Yes, it is okay to mentally chant AUM rather than aloud. This is known as “ajapa japa,” and it requires silently repeating the mantra in the mind. Many people find this type of meditation to be beneficial since it helps to concentrate the mind and bring about a sensation of inner peace.

Additionally, several studies point to the potential benefits of chanting AUM at a frequency of 432 Hz for sound healing and meditation. This frequency is said to be in accord with the universe’s inherent vibrational frequency, and some people believe it can assist to bring about a sense of balance and harmony inside the body.

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A-U-M Meditation Guide

Whether or whether you want to recite AUM aloud,

  1. Find a comfortable seated position and close your eyes.
  2. Take a few deep breaths to help you relax and focus.
  3. Begin to recite the sound “AUM,” also known as the “pranava” in Sanskrit. This sound is believed to represent the ultimate reality and the divine energy that pervades the universe.
  4. As you recite the sound “AUM,” allow yourself to feel its vibration throughout your body.
  5. Try to focus your attention on the sound, letting go of any other thoughts that may come to mind.
  6. Continue to recite the sound “AUM” for as long as you like. You can also try silently repeating the sound to yourself.
  7. When you feel ready, slowly open your eyes and take a moment to ground yourself before getting up.

This is just one way to practice AUM meditation, and you can adjust the structure to suit your own needs and preferences.

It’s important to find a method that works best for you and to be patient with yourself as you develop your meditation practice.


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