Qi Gong for Weight Loss – Can We Burn Calories?

When you practice chi gong, you will increase your well-being and stress relief. There are tons of healing arts and meditation techniques available.

Losing weight mostly depends on your metabolism, exercise history, and diet. People wonder if they can lose weight doing qigong.

For better health and to avoid like a heart disease, we should be do those things:

  • Regular physical activity and exercise
  • Reduce stress by using Tai-chi, mindfulness meditation, hypnosis relaxation, Chi kung, Taoist breathing exercises, healing sounds, and other martial program.
  • Deep breathing is good for lower stress levels and increasing metabolism for beginners. 
  • Eating veggies is also healthy overall body and mind. In Taoism, veggies are great for positive energy healing such as “chi,” life force energy.
  • Qigong and other things fight the sedentary life, which makes us more active and as we as energy follow lifestyle. 

Qi gong is excellent for exercising without forcing your body, and cultivating overall wellness via reducing stress levels. 

Do you know breath itself balances your mind-body, cultivation healing energy, and relieve stress?

Chi-energy healing

There are things such as self-massage to cope with stress for good health, body, and weight and lose purpose.

Chi energy is vital life energy for all life functions. For some western people, the “chi” is the same as “mitochondria.”

According to Taoism, when our chi level is dropped, our body is affected badly. 

  • Energy flow decreases, which triggers the illness.
  • A low Qi or chi energy level leads to chronic fatigue syndromes and hormones.
  • Traditional Chinese believe free-flowing qi energy is vital in all aspects of life, including weight loss and BMI level. Weight gain is also an imbalance of qi level. 
  • Buddism believes Qi energy is the same as Prana energy. 

Health problems such as overeating and others happen when chi energy becomes unbalanced. So, optimizing Qi energy is vital for well-being and other problems.

Your internal organs also control your appetite by sending the signal brain. Practicing healing sounds will help balance the overactive qi level in your internal organs. 

Some kinds of Qigong exercises are good for longevity and lower the stress hormone cortisol.

Ancient Chinese

Our bodies hold on to vital energy for health-maintenance

Ancient Chinese is different properties when it comes to self-healing and living with harmony. 

Acupuncture, healing techniques, has become a popular western medicine.

Other techniques such as the five elements of Qigong enhance healing techniques and chi gong use.

Also, Ancient Chinese have similarities to Buddhism regarding stress-reduction, meditation, mindfulness, and activation of internet energy through balancing energy.

  • The ancient practice of tai chi, Qigong, or other techniques believes humans are made of yin yang energy, and nature follows this context.
  • Stressful situations will affect Qi’s energy, imbalance of yin yang, and other symptoms occur.
  • Qigong’s ultimate goal is to balance your qi energy and cultivate and nourish qi energy and vitality. This will lead to a good energy level, balanced life, lower stress, and improved metabolism.

Chinese philosophy is looking to improve your chi energy balance that helps manage stress and improve your spirituality level. 

Also, some guided meditation for coping with anxious thoughts, vitality, and energy works called Microcosmic meridian mediation.

Negative emotions can build internal organs, creating an unhealthy way of living.

Holistic Whole Body Approach

If chi energy affects our metabolism, immune system, health, and well-being, we should enhance your qi energy.

Can Qigong help with weight loss?

Stress management is key to burning calories, vitality, and other things. Chi kung, Qigong, or Qigong is an excellent way to achieve good balance and self-care, lower stress levels leading to improved metabolism and overall health. 

So, Qigong can help your metabolism, leading to lost weight, lower stress, and feeling good!

If you look at qigong increase calorie burning, it’s also yes. Qigong also burns calories, but it isn’t the same as a cardio class. 

The Qigong mainly offers a holistic approach; it will help your metabolism, cardiovascular energy work, calming effects, and other pathways for good health.

Qigong uses some of the mantras or sound healing for fighting stress and anxiety.

Mind and Body

Balancing mind and body is a crucial step when it comes to chinese medicine and medical qigong.

Health and well being is mainly depend on mind and body balances, and most inlnesses comes from unbalance mind and body.

Decrease stress, avoid burnout, and use stress management techniques are key compunt in taoist (daoist) medicine. 

There are a lot of techniques, energy medicine such as kundalini, Reiki, or other types of therapies used by the people. You can choose one of them and try to observe what is best for you.

Spiritual development needs time, patience, and knowledge. Your spiritual energy will increase if you can make yourself calm, reduce stress levels, cultivate your qi energy, and do regular meditation, gratitude, and other techniques.

You will have some aura, good energy and people can feel that!

My name is James! I'm a certified mental health practitioner with specialized training in hypnosis and psychotherapy. I hope this articles will help you.